These compact robust range of Linear vibrators are suitable for use in a wide number of applications, to assist in the flow and control of many materials. The following being some of the more common:

Feeders: Natural Frequency Feeders Particularly good for feeding light materials where large amplitudes are required.

Tables: For packing industry, foundries for core making, up to loads of 1000 Kgs

Screens: Very effective on small screens for materials of low specific gravity, granular materials and powder.

Hoppers: Certain applications where larger materials bridge. Not suitable for sticky or ratholing materials.


Linear vibrating force is delivered by a noiseless air cushioned piston. Frequency and amplitude can be regulated independently. Either piston or case can be used as a vibration inducer. Using additional masses the vibrator is able to work at low frequencies, down to 15 Hz and to generate large amplitudes. VTL vibrators combine the advantages of low frequency rotary vibrators (large amplitudes) with those of magnetic vibrators (adjustable amplitudes). Additionally, they have the advantage of being able to select the most suitable frequency to obtain optimum results.


Silencers and suitable air inlet fittings are supplied with these vibrators. Please allow us to quote you for other fittings and control equipment.

We reserve the right to modify or withdraw Specification or products without notice or obligation.