Maximum temperature 100°C=220°F
Noise level range 75 to 95 dBA
1. Extruded aluminium alloy body
2. Hardened ground steel alloy races
3. Nylon endplates
4. Hardened lapped ball
5. Air inlet
6. Air exhaust
7. Base mounting holes
8. Lateral mounting holes



Manufactured with a rustproof extruded aluminium body fitted with hardened steel races on which a steel ball rotates.

Nylon end plates are located on either side to contain the ball and prevent the ingress of dust and water, thus allowing the unit to be used in dusty or wet environments.

Inlet and exhaust ports have standard pipe threads, allowing the exhaust air to be piped away, ensuring that no restriction is
imposed on exhaust air.

Four mounting holes are provided, two vertically and two horizontally for handling difficult mounting positions.


Series K, which is small in overall size, pneumatic ball vibra- tors frequency can be regulated by adjusting the flow of air to the vibrator making them useful for:

  • Assisting the flow of material from chutes and hoppers
  • Preventing bottles and similar objects from locking together and blocking conveyor systems
  • Compaction of material in containers or moulds
  • Separation of various sizes of material on screens

Data obtained with a Kistler 3-Axis Dynamometer on a heavy laboratory test block
and displayed by a Kistler control monitor (COMO).
Frequency and force will decrease on a less rigid mount.
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