NO LUBRICATION only clean air is required
Maximum temperature 120 °C = 250 °F
EXTREMELY SILENT Noise level range 60 to 75 dBA
1 Extruded aluminium alloy body
2 Alu-Turbine wheel, hard coated 3/4 High density mass positive moment 5-7 Cavities giving negative moment
8 Air inlet
9 Air exhaust
10 Base mounting holes
11 Special prelubricated matched shielded bearings
Alu-Endplates, hard coated
12 with left-hand thread
13 with right-hand thread

A high speed range and eccentric working moments are combined in these Vibrators to produce a powerful vibration.
The body is made from an extruded stove enamelled aluminium section and the hard coated end plates enables the Vibrators to be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
The GT-Turbine Vibrators conform to current international noise regulations under factory test conditions.


The vibration is produced by the centrifugal force of the positive and negative unbalanced moments in the rotor.
The rotor is supported on two heavy duty, prelubricated, matched shielded ball bearings. A special long life grease ensures a long working life.
The inner and outer raceways of the bearings are designed so that the bearings can be easily replaced using only a pin-wrench.
The endplates are fitted with right- and left-hand threads and are self-locking.


Data obtained with aKistler 3-Axis Dynamometer on a heavy laboratory test block and dis­played by a Kistler control moni­tor (COMO). Frequency and force will decrease on a less rigid mount. We reserve the right to improve, modify or withdraw spe­cifications or products without notice or obligation.


DIMENSIONS *will accept NPT