Maximum temperature 150°C=302°F
Noise level range 75 to 100 dBA
1. Extruded aluminium alloy body
2. High tensile steel races
3. Cast iron roller
4. Special bronze endplates
5. Oiler grooves
6. Impurities collection grooves
7. Air inlet
8. Air exhaust
9. Base mounting holes

The DAR pneumatic series roller vibrators compliment our existing range of roller vibrators particularly for concrete applications. The new design features provide a more robust vibrator, suitable for use under the most arduous conditions.

The body is machined from an extruded aluminium section, inside of which a precision iron roller rotates in high tensile steel races. It is retained by two high impact special bronze end plates.

To obtain the best performance it is recommended that
silencers of sintered bronze should be used to improve

An air line filter and lubricator must be used to guarantee a
long working life.
A hydraulic oil ISO VG5 = 5 cSt/40°C must be used, for example SHELL Tellus Oil C5.


Series DAR high frequency pneumatic roller vibrators provide a new approach in the movement of fine materials. Being pneumatically powered, the frequency can be controlled by the regulation of air pressure. Examples of their uses include:

  • Compaction of plastic and concrete in moulds
  • Assisting the flow of material from chutes and hoppers
  • Separation of various sizes of material on screens


DIMENSIONS *will accept NPT
Data obtained with a Kistler 3-Axis Dynamometer on a heavy laboratory test block
and displayed by a Kistler control monitor (COMO).
Frequency and force will decrease on a less rigid mount.
We reserve the right to improve, modify or withdraw specifications or products without notice or obligation.